Last Update: 04/10/2022
Procuring Entity: LTD ,,engurhesi"
Estimated Value: ¢ 160,000
Risk Flags: Low Competition
Tender Status: ხელშეკრულება დადებულია
Tender procedure: SPA - ელექტრონული ტენდერი რევერსული აუქციონით
Tender Announcement Date: 07.03.2017
Bid Start Date 24.03.2017
Bid End Date: 29.03.2017
Tender Duration: 22 days
Procuring Main Subject (CPV Code): Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work (45200000)
Specific subject of procurement (CPV Code):

45223110 - Installation of metal structures


Name First Bid Last Bid
Spetsenergoremonti ¢ 158,500.00 ¢ 158,500.00

Bidding Result

Organization: Spetsenergoremonti
Contract Type: Agreement
Start Date: 12.04.2017
Expire Date: 15.06.2017
Contract Value: ¢ 158,500.00
Documantation: Download